Courageous to Successful Entrepreneur in 6 Weeks
The ability to keep track and plan Cash Flow is the key to
Building a Successful Business.  

This revolutionary training is for Business Owners who are tired of financial overwhelm, have bookkeeping questions on what to look for, and may be suffering from stress of the unknown. If you want to get the answers you are seeking and regain control, then this course is for you!  
What's Inside "The Courageous to Successful Entrepreneur"?
Discover Key Processes Every Successful Business Must Have
These tools are paramount to stop money from needlessly being siphoned from your company. Knowledge is power and currency! Implement these tools & processes to make money and save money in your business starting today!

Your Own eBook Copy of “The Courageous Entrepreneur” - Cash Flow Strategies to Build Resilience In Your Business"
This book is full of real-life stories on what business owners “used to do”, and what they were successfully able to change to improve their cash flow situation. These stories provide a foundation for understanding the valuable strategies needed to build resiliency in your business.

5 Key Methods For Using Your Business’s Financial Statements As A Tool To Building Your Business  
Financials tell stories, stories which inform a business owner the most crucial aspects of what is going on in their business. These can be warning signs, or triggers that help makes the decision to expand the business. Either way this course will teach you and empower you to be able to quickly identify these crucial elements, for maximum success.

Cash Flow Planning Is A Roadmap To Finding Cash Within Your Business & Knowing When To Spend It
Starting with a simple, easy to understand template you will be walked through how to use it and what to be aware of. Enabling you to make decisions you need to make in your business each day! 

This tool is what every banker or every investor needs to see before they will invest in you, and in your business!
Let’s build a Solid Cash Flow Plan today…without the Overwhelm
or Confusion!
As a courageous entrepreneur, you have invested in yourself, your business and in your staff to build a business with potential. This tool is what every banker or investor needs to see so that they can invest in you, and in your business!

Everyone who became an entrepreneur did so for at least one of the following reasons, can you relate to any of these?

• A potential for growth or a regular income with low to no stress.

• The dream of owning a successful business .

• Perhaps a business which also provides freedom of time.

• Or perhaps a work/life balance that enables you to spend more time with your family or do the things you love everyday.  

Like most entrepreneurs, you have put it all on the line, working long hours, perhaps you have mortgaged your home, used your savings, and are struggling to keep on top of all the bills. You most likely have invested endless hours of both your family and personal time to build this business.  

Then this is you - “Independent business owners are heroes, by my definition, because they are really putting it on the line, working very hard, risking it all, and in some cases, taking home less than some of their employees. They create not only jobs, but also a really amazing experience.” – Dan Price

You are the expert in YOUR business. My role is to show you the key elements to question, to watch for, update processes, and how to use your most valuable tools (already at your fingertips) to your advantage.   

Wouldn't it be nice to sit back evaluate changes in the marketplace and position yourself & your company to strategically make your next move? 
When you have the tools and awareness to take the time to evaluate where you are, evaluate the changes in the marketplace, then this will enable you to adjust to take advantage of opportunities.

The newest term these days is “pivoting”. Whatever you want to call it, being aware of opportunities and knowing what your business can or cannot take on is where the value is in cash flow planning.   

Wouldn't it be great to have more time to spend with your family, time to exercise, travel and be able to focus on what matters to you and enjoy life a little more?
Every business owner should be able to answer these questions? 

• Do you know how much in receivables you can carry and still pay your bills?

• Should you carry receivables?

• How many months of payroll can you cover?

• What is your breakeven point?

• How much can you afford to risk?

If you cannot answer these questions right now, then this course will equip you with what you need to be able to!
You will be trained with the tools, knowledge to know what to look for, how to identify red flags for the key indicators so that your company can
plug the money leaks and change or improve current processes as necessary.

The combination of steps and activities we will walk you through will create a positive change in direction for your business. If you do not like the current direction of your business and are in need of change, then this is the next step to take!  

Serve your clients happily knowing there is a future for your business.
That’s Why I Created; "The Courageous To Successful Entrepreneur" Program.
After 25 years working as a bookkeeper, I have seen many, initially successful, businesses fail due to common errors or a simple lack of making key decisions at pertinent points in the life of the business. 

In my book, “The Courageous Entrepreneur”, I referenced many businesses that have struggled due to errors that could have been avoided.
These included mistakes that needlessly cost business owners thousands of dollars. Encountering this repeatedly it became obvious to me how relatively few business owners actually knew how to use their tools accurately.   

I created this course to provide you with these tools and the awareness of what to look for, as well as how to effectively use the financials to identify threats to your business. Together, we will build on what you currently have in place, make improvements, streamline your processes, and show you the right path forward for growth. 

Each week you will be get access to new online tools and we will explore all the issues and techniques that will either hinder or help your business grow.  

The "Courageous to Successful Entrepreneur Program" is a culmination of my years of experience and rigorously tested processes that has made thousands for my clients...

And implements the same proven procedures into your business, to achieve results without the overwhelm.
This brand-new training covers everything you need to know to build a resilient business with a strong understanding on what your financial statements are really saying.

Financial statements you will be confident to take to the bank when necessary.
No step is left out!

What's Inside "The Courageous to Successful Entrepreneur"?
Fundamentals and Tools
Step - By - Step Instructions
Plan Your Growth Goals & Reduce Anxiety
Fundamentals and Tools
  • Six weekly sessions
  • ​Online learning materials and valuable custom resources.
  • ​​Learn about key Standard Operating Procedures to implement in every business.
  • ​Learn how to identify key strategies to avoid the common roadblocks & red flags on your road map to success
  • ​Get the financial statement tool kit you need to prepare and plan for the best and the worst scenarios.​
  • Become a resilient business- ​one with long-term success.
Step-by-Step Guide To Craft A Detailed Cash-Flow Plan
  • I'll show you exactly how to create your own cash flow plan with a pre-designed template which you can personalize specific to your business
  • Highlight your business' best features
  • ​Develop a strategic plan to meet your goals
  • ​Position yourself with financial statements you can take to the bank or financer to be able to successfully apply for loans or investors
  • ​Eliminate the worry & be in the know with an accurate, clear cash-flow plan 
  • ​My favourite tips and tricks to assist you along the way
Build A Strategic Plan with Growth Goals & Ease Your Mind
  • Gain clarity & develop a clear understanding of the way forward
  • ​Implement a plan which works for YOU!
  • ​Know what investors & bankers are looking for so that you know how your business stacks up against others
  • ​Learn how to prepare for those key financing meetings
  • ​Exactly what you need to have and what you should avoid
It Just Works! See what my community has to say... 

Alayna Josephson

“Her seasoned knowledge of small business is invaluable, and her ability to work with you and teach you is unsurpassable.

Deborah Conner

“Looking to review your bookkeeping methods? Rinette is the person to review your current processes, suggest alternatives to save you money, and assist you in implementing those solutions.” 
Why Go Another Day Without The
"Courageous to Successful Entrepreneur" Program?

What is not exciting about saving tens of thousands of dollars, who wouldn't want to make or save that kind of money in their business? 

By signing up for this, you will come away with a custom plan to get your business well on the way to this!

 AND you will get;
*PDF Copy of "The Courageous Entrepreneur, Cash Flow Strategies to Build Resiliency in your Business" 

*Six sessions of key strategies to "make money, save money and tools to review and evaluate where your business is at. All with online materials.   

*My Success Building "Financial Statement Tool-kit 

*A custom Cash-Flow plan template you can adapt specifically for your business

*Schedule of resources

In only a few days from now, you could be on your way to creating your own highly-profitable cash-flow plan..

...without trialling and testing, because I have 25 years of experience and I will show you what you need to know!

Why risk carrying on the way you are, always haunted by questions "what if" or "I wonder" when you can follow my step-by-step training and do it right the first time? 

This program is proven and is simple to follow... just need to use my training to guide you in the right direction.

All this for full access to the to the complete "Courageous To Successful Entrepreneur" training for the current price of $ 498.75 CAD. 
Yes, that is right! Get your business on track for only $475 + GST = 498.75 CAD.
This course will pay for itself within the month!

You can finally know how to create the perfect roadmap for your business, without becoming overwhelmed and frustrated.

You'll finally be able to plug the holes you couldn't find and turn your cash-flow on its head, save yourself time and sleepless nights by finally knowing the formula for creating and operating solid viable financial statements that keep you in the know!

The choice is yours;

Are you ready to get the answers you need to make informed decisions and keep your business on the right track?

If you want to get started, click the 'Add To Cart' button below to sign up!

...So you can stop losing money, and finally, know what it takes to get to the next step in the evolution of your business... the 'Add to Cart' button right now! 

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"The Courageous To Successful Entrepreneur" Program Now!
Your Questions Answered...
Is there a guarantee?

EVERY business will be benefit from having a plan in place and a template they can take to the bank or a group of investors.

Developing a key tool like this is what will bring life back to a business or growth, taking it to the next level.

If nothi
ng else, this course will provide you with improved systems that can save a thousand dollars up to tens of thousands of dollars. 

Why $475 + GST = 498.75?  (True value of 1298.00)

For less than a thousand dollars (including GST), you can create a plan that has the potential to bring in extra cash, whether it is through loans, investors, or improved systems. 

More importantly, you will have the tools to revamp and readjust as necessary through your business which can be used repeatedly!

There is no fine print, no hidden costs and no catch. Just the information you need and the results you want.
How long will it take to get access?

Once you sign up, you will automatically receive a PDF copy of the book; "The Courageous Entrepreneur," Cash Flow Strategies to - Build Resiliency in your Business.
*You will have online access to each session before we meet (including videos and worksheets)  

*We will have a Q&A session each week
Each week All materials will be emailed to you directly!

*The Courageous to Successful Entrepreneur weekly Workbook will be sent directly to your email inbox and it is
yours to keep forever!

For the upcoming session:
You will join me LIVE on the March 2nd at 4:30pm PST, that's:
5:30pm MDT / 7:30pm EST / 6:30PM CST.

Cannot make it live? 
We will send you the link to view at your convience!

Get Inside 'Courageous to Successful' TODAY! 
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